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AmplifyX was created to bring transparency, equity, and artist ownership to the music industry. We believe artists have the right to own their masters, control their creative journey, and keep a majority of their royalties.


Founded by music lovers across the technology and financial industries, our goal is to leverage our expertise in these financial markets to build a better world for artists.


The idea for AmplifyX sparked as we connected with individuals in the music industry and saw how broken it was for the artists. Prince put it best when he said, “Record contracts are just like — I’m gonna say the word – slavery. I would tell any young artist…don’t sign.” How could we leverage our backgrounds to solve a glaring issue in an industry we—and the world—love?


Today, streaming platforms make distribution virtually all digital, therefore cheap and accessible for artists, and social media allows artists to build and grow their fan bases organically. We believe, now is the best time in history to be successful as an independent artist. If artists had the capital to invest in their production, music videos, tour support, and collaborations, they would have a path to a successful career. They could keep a majority of the money they earn. Artists deserve to own their master recordings, control their creative direction, and retain a majority of earned royalties—and they can with AmplifyX.


As we help artists establish ownership of their future, we are providing investors who are willing to accept the risks of investing with an opportunity to capitalize on a growing market. From superfans to sophisticated investors, anyone 18 or older can participate and invest with AmplifyX. Our goal is to provide investors with a unique asset that is not correlated to the traditional financial markets. 

Adam Cowherd


Reformed Physicist. Former strategy consultant that led teams to digital transform banks, setup corporate accelerators, and operationalize innovation factories.

Bobby Kamaris


Finance nerd. Music fanatic. Token Greek Freak. Hailing from the financial services industry, Bobby is focused on innovating at the intersection of entertainment and finance.

Kelli Richards

VP of Business Development

Kelli is a seasoned ’super-connector’ with over 30 years of entertainment experience.  She launched and ran Apple’s earliest endeavors in music and entertainment during her lengthy tenure there.  She’s been a talent producer and celebrity wrangler in parallel for decades.


Ron Sittler

Ron has over 25 years of experience representing financial institutions and business entities in complex commercial disputes predominantly in the media and finance sector.  Ron has successfully served as lead trial counsel in numerous jury trials, bench trials, and arbitrations. 

Viphak Lay

Platform Architect

Advanced engineer who has been writing code since 1990. Worked for Myspace, Scopely, and Lettuce. Easily excited about new technology and ideas. Conqueror of software and now in pursuit of being a great father and leader. 

Amanda Cowherd

Marketing Manager

Amanda embraces every aspect of writing, advertising and the creative process. She has worked on many high science, tech and device brands. Never says no to a donut.

Jordan Lane


Skateboarder. Lover of rap, techno, and classic rock. Began in fashion and textile design then transitioned into illustration and UI/UX design.

Questions? Contact us at Questions@AmplifyXfunding.com

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